what you'll learn

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    Brand Bunker Series

    • Lesson 1 - your brand concept

    • Lesson 2 - positioning your brand

    • Lesson 3 - defining your brand soul

    • Lesson 4 - naming your brand

    • Lesson 5 - tone of voice

    • Lesson 6 - your look and feel

    • Lesson 7 - your packaging

Why you should take the challenge today

Not an exhaustive list, but just some of the reasons you should head to checkout now!

  • Learn the secrets of a London branding agency in seven simple steps

  • Watch a brand created from concept to launch as we create our concept along with you

  • Learn how to direct your creative, strategy and communication - so you know how to brief your team without costly blunders

  • Learn to profile your audience using DISC and impress investors by NEVER saying you target 'millennials' - bonus 60 minute interview with the international bestselling author of Surrounded By Idiots - Thomas Erikson

  • Private sessions with our creative director when you choose coaching

  • For founders of brands that go in packages who want to get into national retailers (and not freeze their butts off on market stalls)

  • No buzzwords, no b*llshit, just crystal-clear strategy, easy practical exercises and a tried and tested approach